IMCE is an image/file uploader and browser that supports personal directories and quota. It is a Drupal module and does not work stand-alone.

IMCE can easily be integrated into any WYSIWYG editor or any web application that needs a file browser.

You can visit the demo page to see the working examples.

Hi, I've got IMCE working


I've got IMCE working just fine on a Drupal 5 installation with TinyMCE.

There are some things about TinyMCE that I'm not so keen on so I've also been trying out fckeditor as an alternative. I'm having great difficulty in getting IMCE to open up as the uploader / file browser when I'm using fsckeditor.

In IMCE settings I tick "Enable FCKEditor support". Under User Management / Access contro settings l I click on "Allow fckeditor file uploads" and "use default fckeditor" for the role. Finally under FCKeditor settings I have clicked on "Allow advanced file management".

I get the "Browse Server" button when for example I click the insert image icon in the fckeditor window, but this always brings up the FCKEditor file manager and browser. The behaviour I want is for cliking this button to open the IMCE browser and uploader (as per the IMCE demo page).

I've looked through all the readme files and the various forums. It all seems so quiet that I'm guessing I may be doing something fundamentally stupid. Apologies if this is the case, but shouldnt ticking the "Enable FCKEditor support" under IMCE settings have been all that's needed?

Many thanks


I believe that you don't

I believe that you don't have to enable "Allow advanced file management". I didn't had any luck with TinyMCE but it works fine with FCKEditor.

I used

I used imce-4.7.x-2.0.tar.gz on Drupal 4.7 install on Linux.

Turning on the IMCE module effects the Upload module access control permissions. With IMCE module off, the Upload module has two access control permission lines to configure: *view uploaded files* and *upload files*. With IMCE module on, the Upload module line *upload files* is no longer available in access control permissions.

Is this normal?

I've redesigned the

I've redesigned the interface and made some additions to your code: See here:
Download it and use it. If you need my help am here.


Hi Tom, Would you mind

Hi Tom,
Would you mind posting it somewhere else since I don't read Greek ?

there is a real problem i

there is a real problem i mention to it in drupal forum

this problem is disk node spy on the privacy of users files
i hope that you figure out the reason and heal it up

Hi, I saw you already did


I saw you already did some work on porting to 6.x in the HEAD version. What is your schedule for this? Do you need any help?


thanks, if everything goes

if everything goes ok, a beta version will be released in a week.
then, i'll definitely need help on testing.

It looks great. Too bad it's

It looks great. Too bad it's GPL instead of LGPL. The GPL too strong of a license for something like this.
"2b) You must cause any work that you distribute or publish, that in whole or in part contains or is derived from the Program or any part thereof, to be licensed as a whole at no charge to all third parties under the terms of this License."
Oh well.

Hello, First of all, let me


First of all, let me say IMCE is really great. I just put it into my drupal site and it works perfectly well.

One thing though : since each user has its space, why not adding a "Create sub-directory" link at the top of IMCE to let users arrange their files as they like ? Shouldn't be too complicated should it ?

Thanks for IMCE anyway.


Hi, There's an extension to


There's an extension to make dirs. Check here:


I love IMCE as it works well

I love IMCE as it works well and integrates with different editors. I wish though, that it had a simpler user interface.

I want users to be able to hit the picture button and see a simple area to enter the url of an image, or a box that says browse where they can upload their own. No server browsing, complicated windows, etc. Simple, easy image upload.

The YUI rich text editor does this pretty well, but is such a mess elsewhere that it is a pain to use.

Hi, is there a way to allow

Hi, is there a way to allow users to delete their images?

I'm really happy with IMCE. I tried Img Assist and I couldn't upload and include a simple picture, but with IMCE is so easy that my users won't complain anymore about html tags. But my users should be able to delete their images and I don't find any option about that. Is this possible?

Thank you!

In the File browser window,

In the File browser window, in the file list not every image gets a thumbnail
where we can change that?

Unless I'm understanding

Unless I'm understanding IMCE, this isn't a feature ...

I'm trying to upload a large

I'm trying to upload a large image and it continues to be uploaded but resized to 1200x1200 respectively.
The original file does not make it to the directory even though my php levels are plenty high for large files and the settings in Drupal are set high as well.
I'm using Drupal 6, and IMCE 6.x-1.1

Maximum image resolution: 0 in IMCE settings
and Maximum resolution for uploaded images: 0 in File uploads.

So I assumed it's limited somewhere else?

Thanks for the help,

Figured it out, the other

Figured it out, the other profile had a limit of 1200 x1200 on it.
And even though my user did not have that profile it affected me.


What does IMCE stand for?

What does IMCE stand for? Just wondering ...

I have this problem with

I have this problem with Drupal 6.10 + FCKEDITOR + IMCE 2xx

i have this site :

but when i go for dumping my site in localhost (in my PC),
all images and internal links (generated in my web site) not change !!!
and in my copy in my PC :
all images are Invisible ( the images are fixed with the internal linkage : foto.jpg , ect.. ).

but my local-PC-site (WIN + XAMPP) have others address for files and images , for example :

http://localhost/ultrasuoni-net / ... / foto.jpg
and not foto.jpg

Now in localhost PC : my Fck use IMCE for browsing but I have deleted "absolute urls" for IMCE :
and this is well, but not "the better solution " :

Is still visible the initial internal directory every time I load photos


and if upload the page/the full site or the content with a dump :

on the Official Site

this foto not chance our internal address and is not visible.


I have searched
I have made many changes (modify in the configurations files in FCK EDITOR) but I did not find definitive solutions.

For me (and others) this is one serious problem.

Tanks for all your helping reply : and excuse for my bad english.

Happy to make a donation to

Happy to make a donation to the project if you can answer this simple question :-) I have imce installed with drupal 6 and I just want to change the text 'Send to tinymce' to 'Insert selected item' I have played with the language files and looked through the js files, and also through the drupal forums but can't crack it sorry.

Hi. Suggestion: while this is

Hi. Suggestion: while this is very useful (I'm using it in Drupal to upload images in tinyMCE), it seems unintuitive for non-techie users. I'm talking about the "thumbnail" feature. The average user expects this to be a preview thumbnail of the original. Instead, all it does it creates a smaller version of the original photo. Unless I'm misunderstanding this feature? If you've ever used Windows Photo or the Mac equivalent, you know what I'm talking about...

Hi, Too many thanks for


Too many thanks for develop this interesting module.

I'm new on drupal and CMS and choose drupal to made my website. I wish to do a simple DMS using IMCE were each user have a private folder. After some test, to evaluate the security using private filesystem, and IMCE configured to give access to own folder for limited users, I discover that the link generated to any file, can be linked by any user or anonymous user. This made IMCE useless for what I want it. If posible, could you give me some guidelines to made drupal let download a file only to de user assigned to the file folder or any supervisor user. I'm not an PHP coder, but can't try to learn...

To many thanks.


Hi, I searched for many image

I searched for many image uploader for TinyMCE but found that all of them requires PHP, i dont have PHP server will IMCE will work purely on java & jsps?

IMCE is an image browser, so

IMCE is an image browser, so why display filenames as the default? Would make much better sense to have an option to show a page of thumbnails, eg. at 128x128 (or other sizes), together with image information (filename, size, date, etc), similar to Windows File manager?

We have been using IMCE for

We have been using IMCE for several years now and are quite happy with it. (Version 5.x-1.2).

We initially set authors up with private directories, however there seems to be a need now to have a public directory and private directories.

Is this possible with IMCE? Please advise how it might be done.


Hi. At firts, I have to thank

At firts, I have to thank you for your good work.

I use your IMCE module for Drupal 7 integrated in WYSIWYG and it works perfect. I have activate the file browser check for the users, to navigate throw the files. I would like to have a button to copy and paste the files. Is it posible? Is there any plugin or configuration to make this posible?

Thank you so much.

Under supervision of Drupal :)