A plain textarea editor aiming to facilitate code writing for Drupal.

  • Editor interface and functionality are completely customizable through administration pages.
  • It supports role based editor interfaces.
  • It's possible to create image or text buttons.
  • Buttons can be customized to generate code snippets, html tags, bbcode tags etc.
Click to see the demo.

New features in 6.x

  • custom icon and library paths for each editor.
  • support using different editor templates for differnet textareas in a page.
  • alternative editor assignment for user roles.
  • theme buttons that provide unlimited theming options.
  • Headers (h1, h2, h3, h4) button and separators in default editor.
  • changed key variable from "editor" to "BUE". (ex: editor.active is now BUE.active)
  • another popup dialog(BUE.quickPop) that has no title or close button.
  • jquery effects. (ex: effects in popup openings)
  • In default buttons' library:
  • new eDefTagChooser function that uses BUE.quickPop to allow users choose among predefined tags.
  • new eDefTagger function that toggles(inserts or removes) a predefined tag in the selection.
  • eDefTagDialog accepts a special attribute name, "html", that represents the inner html of the tag.
  • eDefTagDialog accepts "textarea" as a field type.

It comes with a default editor that has predefined buttons. The default buttons are:

  1. Insert/edit image: Inserts image html. Uses IMCE for file browsing, if it is installed. Editing a previously inserted image is possible if the html code of the image is selected with no extra characters.
  2. Insert/edit link: Inserts link html. It works the same way as image insertion.
  3. Bold: Encloses the selected text with the tag <strong>
  4. Italic: Encloses the selected text with the tag <em>
  5. Headers: Inserts header tags <hX>(New in 6.x)
  6. Ordered list: Converts the lines in the selected text to a numbered list. It is also possible to start a new list with no selection. If the selection is a list which was previosly created by this button, the lines in the text are restored.
  7. Unordered list: Creates a bulleted list.
  8. Teaser break: Inserts Drupal teaser break which is <!--break-->
  9. Preview: Previews textarea content. Lines and paragraphs break automatically as in Drupal preview.
  10. Help: Displays the title(hint) for each button in the editor.


This is such a wonderful module that fits a real need at my site. Thank you.

- Erin

BUEditor is awesome

I been trying fckeditor, tinymce etc. and they were all so clumsy and slow and didn't work properly crossbrowser

Just what I needed, simple, small footprint, works everywhere fast.

Keep up the good work :)

Great Work!

I love this editor.

Thanks very much for taking the time to develop it. I'm testing it on a local site I'm working on and it's perfect. Light and easy to use.

Thanks again. Drupal needs something like this. The existing wysiwyg editors are too cumbersome. Who needs all that stuff just to make comments and post forum topics and blogs?

I'm so happy that I've

I'm so happy that I've finally decided to try this editor out. Just to be repetitive, I had the same issues with TinyMCE and gang - cumbersome, slow, and the html output sucks. One of the best things of this editor is the ability to quickly add new buttons. For a while I was trying to add buttons to the quicktags module, which is not nearly as easy.

Now I'm torn between this and the markdown filter.

Great, one of the best

Great, one of the best editors I've could found for drupal. I do only use CSS-classes for formatting and it's so easy to implement with this editor. Great work!

Very succinct, I like!

Very succinct, I like!

Hi, and many thanks for this

Hi, and many thanks for this great module!

I am very excited I found it and most probably will be using it a lot on my sites.

If I may, id like to propose a feature request, wich is image alignment options, such as

I don't know how complex it would be to implement this, but it would add even more great functionality for non-html capable users.

Again, thanks!
Manuel Garcia

Oops, my html code was

Oops, my html code was filtered out duh !

I meant to say to add image alignment/margins, such as
style="float: left; margin-left: 2px; margin-right: 2px;" , etc.

Here is the code for adding

Here is the code for adding float:left/right to images so the text gets wrapped around them (very handy):
put this into your Insert/edit image code:
 {name'style'title'Image float'type'select'options: {'''''float: left;''Left''float: right;''Right'}}

p.s. you can perhaps delete my previous messages...

Hi, I just want to say thank

Hi, I just want to say thank you for this great editor, it is absolutely fantastic, very small footprint and it simply works. The preview and the button editor are a great plus too! Thanks!

This is the editor what I was

This is the editor what I was looking for some time.
And in sign of appreciation I offer you a new iconset for anyone who wants to use them freely:

Thanks four your good job.

It's a pleasure to use BUE +

It's a pleasure to use BUE + IMCE after trying all those useless wysiwyg editors. I'll soon post some of my icons at my site

Hellow, how add G2image

Hellow, how add G2image support to bueditor in drupal 6.* ?

"js: g2bueditor_open()" does not work

Here is an article about how

Here is an article about how to integrate BUEditor in Drupal with smileys, quote and so one:


Thanks for this great project!

Oops, a link is better

Oops, a link is better ;)

Drupal Tips #3: Post Advanced Formatting

Just wanted to say I've been

Just wanted to say I've been using BUeditor since forever on my Drupal site. Today I updated to the latest version plus finally added IMCE. It all works really great. Nice work, thanks very much!

i want color button with this

i want color button with this editor

From where to download the

From where to download the BUeditor that has HTML tags and not square bracket ones?

BUEditor 5.x-1.2 and BUEditor

BUEditor 5.x-1.2 and BUEditor 6.x-2.8 conflict with JQuery versions:

When editing a story no buttons bueditor. JQuery disconnect - the buttons appear. How can I fix this? Help please!

Can someone help me get the

Can someone help me get the Images button tuned-up, please?

What I need is a way to click that images button, and then navigate to somewhere on my computer, my Desktop, let's say, and select an image file to upload into a Basic Page.

Once it's there, I'd love a way to edit ALT="" text, TITLE="" text and maybe add some CSS styling information.

I loved the way the Drupal forum was set up and asked there which editor they were using and was told this one. Was that in error? Or what do I need to do, please, to get things working a little better? Thanks!


Under supervision of Drupal :)